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David Rasskazov :: Family stories :: Book

     I’ll not commit a sin against the truth supposing that each man have at least once analyzed own abilities as to writing of a Book. Nevertheless what did prevent one from realization of this wish? Perhaps only congenital inability to overcome his natural laziness. That’s why I thank my lucky stars because they give me a chance to express my thoughts. I thank you too. I thank you because you having overcome this very laziness have found the possibility and prepared the way for learning of something new about you yourself, about your children and about your family unlike any other one. Thank you.
     This Website is devoted to the Book “Family Stories or Manual on Partner Discipline of a Child”. By the highest standards, only the truth lying in the fact that sometimes it’s rather difficult to maintain friendly, peaceful and harmonic climate within the family recognized by me only after birth of my son give an impulse for writing of this Book. It turned out that children by no means always remain lovely angels. Everybody of us is acquainted with the following situation:
     Son:       Mother, I’d like to eat cheese and eggs and sausage for breakfast
     Mother: All right. Everything will be ready soon.
The breakfast is ready just in 10 minutes. A son sits down to the table and announces his new decision.
     Son:       Oh no, I’ll not it this. I wanted just anything else for breakfast.
     Mother: My dear, this is just you wanted.
     Son:      Oh no, I didn’t want the fried eggs. Cook something else for me. Give me my

     This discussion may be continued in different ways but it is worth remember how frequently such situations did turn into a scandal. Who has gained by this? Most likely, nobody has. And what to do? So I also have asked myself a question: ”How can a parent react to effortlessly resolve this situation without conflict? Where is the solutions? While experimenting and thinking over how to try a create good relations with in course of time I’ve found out that such a way out exists! And at the same time, there is more than one way to deal with such a situation. For instance, the following one:
     Mother: Misha, I cook the breakfast only once. You may either eat or don’t eat the dish
                  you’ve asked me to cook but there will be no any other breakfast menu
                  for today.
Son is surprised but hasn’t given up yet.
     Son:       Oh may be I’ll have my yogurt for the present moment.
     Mother: The words told by me just now are very important for me. It is important for
                  me just as to blow the candles out on the birthday cake and not on the birthday
                  sausage for you
     Son:      (smiling) Sausage with candles inserted. It would be funny (and begins to eat
                  the fried eggs).

     This is a real life instance. I’ve told it now with the only purpose to facilitate your understanding the essence of Book “Family Stories” written by David Rasskazov.
     All of us being mothers and fathers while communication with our children settle one and the same problems while being in search of answers just for one and the same questions. We discuss our children with our friends, parents, colleagues and even strangers sometimes.
     I’m a doctor by my education being rather curious person by the nature itself at that. It was difficult for me to give up the idea that certainly anybody can already answer my questions. I have rummaged though all of bookshops in the city while nothing was found. I can’t resist the temptation to find the aid in the Internet but sorry to say, nothing concrete was discovered there. Taking into account a wide circle of my intercourse it wasn’t very difficult for me to find a Consultant on Children’s Psychology. In so doing everything I’ve suspected and felt intuitively “has organized itself” gradually.  
     The primary cause for writing of this Book lies in my wish to share everything became known to me and everything I’ve thought out myself with everybody non-indifferent to the process of His child growing up having united the whole of aforementioned under the concept of “PARTNER DISCIPLINE” . Certainly, I’m aware that there exist “fat volumes” somewhere devoted to the problem of proper children’s upbringing. But it isn’t very important to know how to bring the children up properly at times. Sometimes knowing of wrong principles of upbringing turns out to be a great victory too. Perhaps the number of world misfortunes entailed by parents’ unavailability to overcome problems connected with child upbringing will be reduced. After all, to be the PARENTS is also an occupation in a sense. In any event, one is to learn this occupation so as to make lesser mistakes. For 2004 - 2005 I’ve collected a good deal of stories about children and their parents underlain this Book. But nevertheless my trying to base my methods of communication with children on recommendations of Children’s Psychology this is merely my opinion. Which importance may you attach to the book “Family Stories”? It is unknown for me. It is unknown to anybody save you yourself. The only thing I may venture is just surmising that you’ll not be bored and even become interested. It is interesting to know how do other parents settle the problems of interrelations with their children? Which, under favour, strategy do they choose while organization these relationships? Whether they take to strategy of equitable partnership or to the one of total suppression, the strategy of subornation or the one of permanent concessions, strategy of non-interference or no any strategy in general and let it go how it is going.  
     I’m deeply persuaded that the strategy is necessary because future is unpredictable . However this idea as well as everything stated in the Book expresses also nothing else but my personal opinion. This opinion is by no means the only one, and it fails to pretend for being the only right one. I only share my idea with others being aware that it is of benefit for me, my family and for hundreds of people else. Each person decides himself whether to draw conclusions, to change anything or to remain everything in its initial state, to agree or to disagree with somebody’s opinion besides the own one. The charm of full-fledged life lies in the fact that EVERYBODY MAY CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMON CAUSE. I consider CHILDREN to be just that Common Cause joining all of us living on the earth. No matter which language do we speak, which religion do we practice and which country do we live, the small little men called children always are and will be beside us.
David Rasskazov


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